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Why You Should Passionately Blog Your Heart Out

“Set yourself on fire (with enthusiasm) and people will come from miles to watch you burn” — Quote Attributed to Rev. John Wesley

Do you have something in your life that fills you with overwhelming joy? Something that immediately turns your frowns into smiles? Something that you can’t stop talking about?

Sure, a blog can be looked at as your creative canvas, but the truth is: The beauty of a blog is not in its design or layout, but rather in the and that is felt after reading every posts.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that people seldomly remember you for what you , but they never seem to forget how you made them . Here are a few reasons why you should decide to passionately blog your heart out.

Blog Posts That Are Written With Passion Allow You to Reach a Wider Audience — Even Beyond Your Lifetime

Having something you are passionate about fills your heart with fire an then gives you something to live for, a purpose to pursue. And it is my belief that that is why we are here. To share our hearts with the world.

When you write a blog post that is written with passion and enthusiasm readers are not only given valuable information to digest and mediate on, but they are also given feelings that drive them to act on what they have read and what you have shared.

Moreover, a passionate blog post allows you to and touch more lives. You see, your blog posts are available to everyone all over the world. And once your blog post is live on the internet, its there to be read and experienced by others forever.

In fact, isn’t incredible to think that something you write today could or will be read by people 10, 20 or 50 years from now. Talk about leaving a ripple in the ocean of time that can go on for generations.

When Each Blog Post Idea is Fueled With Passion The Writing Comes Instantly

Another reason why should passionately blog your heart out is because passion works like a fuel or that sets your words a blaze.

You see, think of it like this: If the you got from inspiration is the dynamite, is the lit fuse that sets that idea into an explosion (or boom) that spreads its heartfelt wisdom into more and more hearts and minds that surround it.

Sometimes inspiration will hit you like a (Can you hear the thunder?). When this happens you will feel the need to write immediately. Creating a blog post at the very moment it is lit by the fuse of passion will help you to capture those inspirational thoughts right then and there.

Many bloggers and writers have stated that there have been times when they receive a thought or an idea and the urge to write it comes immediately. They’re talking about the ignition or fuse known as passion.

Passionate Blogging is a Magnet to a Reader’s Heart

The more you write blog posts that are fueled by passion and created through inspiration, the more readers you will attract. In today’s competitive marketplace, providing content on subjects that you are most passionate about will help you to stand out from all the other passion empty content that is out there in the blogosphere.

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When you’re passionate about something it becomes obvious in how you talk about it — and especially when you write about it. It’s hard to keep hidden. In fact, Jesus said in Mathew 5:15, “ .”

The fact of the matter is: To put a lit candle under a bushel is to take away it’s purpose. The moment it is put out the moment it stops providing light and warmth to those around it.

? Blog posts like these may inform or educate the reader, but in the end, they don’t keep readers coming back for more.

For instance, can you remember a professor you had back in college that spoke with a slow monotone voice. It’s a voice like that, that lacks passion and enthusiasm, that is quick to put people to sleep. The material may be useful and informative but no one will ever know because they’ve been put in a slumber with no way out.

Additionally, writing about things that you’re passionate about will give you an endless amount of material. You see, when a blogger chooses a topic that they are not passionate about, eventually they will run out of things to write about, and ultimately lose interest. But when you sit down to write being fueled by passion, it’s through that passion that information begins to pour out of your heart and mind like an overflowing faucet.

In Closing

It’s a wonderful feeling to have something you’re passionate about. It’s the driving force that gets us out of the bed in the morning. It’s what brings joy to our lives. For those who are inspired to share their passion through writing, blogging, or through any other creative means, my heart goes out to you.


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