The Number One Thing a Freelance Writer Should Do Everyday

The one activity that will help you rise above mediocrity

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Write Daily … And Pitch Like There is NO Tomorrow

Okay…it’s not really so hidden…but you would be surprised how many newbies just don’t get it.

1. Write a Headline That Sticks in the Mind of Your Reader

Your email subject line is really a headline, and if the editor you are pitching your article idea to is like most editors, he/she may have as many as 100+ emails every day to read. Or more. Your subject line should convince him/her to read your email first.

2. Get Off on the Right Foot With Your Editor With a Proper Intro Greeting

I’ll reveal a BIG secret. This is the stimulus for today’s article.

3. Make Your Emails Something Editors Want to Read

As a professional freelance writer and copywriter, you strive to make your words readable. This should be just as true with your email writing and article pitching.

4. No One Likes a Pain in the Butt (Be Courteous and Professional)

Even if you’re incredibly upset with the recipient/editor, keep your cool. It’s easy to get angry, write, send … and then experience overwhelming regret.

5. Wash Your Emails of Dirty Misspellings and Filthy Typos, No One Likes to Receive a Mess

Does your quick note to Aunt Jane need to be free of typos and misspellings? Always! Get in the habit of proofing every email you write.

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