How to Take Massive Action Towards Writing a Book That Readers Can’t Wait to Read This Year

I’m going to write a novel this year and have it completed by the 1st of April — or not!

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Consider this scenario:

Writing is a Choice (How Will You Choose?)

I think the whole answer is focus. I think what focus means is you have to decide what you want to do and lob off other stuff that you also want to do. Because you want to write more.”

Writing is a Habit, Just as Exercise is a Habit

Any little distraction that takes me away from my desk kills it. When I’m writing something large, it takes about three fitful days, and then I’m in the rhythm of it, and I write it. I can still write a book in three weeks.”

The Writer’s Massive Action Writing Plan

1) Set Reasonable and Measurable Goals

2) Create a Plan of Ordered Tasks

3) Take Dominion Over Your Negative Thoughts

4) Have Accountability

5) Start With the End in Mind (Thank You Mr. Covey)

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”

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