Freelance Writers: Here is the Number One Secret to Landing an Endless Stream of Writing Clients

I was thirsty for work but couldn’t find anywhere to drink.

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  • It’s writing work few people actually want. Either because it’s low-paid, boring, or highly technical. If it was easy to find a capable writer who wanted the work, they wouldn’t need to advertise the job online. In this case, you have to ask yourself: do you really want it? Work that’s too easy to find is often a poisoned chalice. Your time and energy are taken away from what you really care about, and the low pay means you’ll struggle to make ends meet.

But when you’re starting out, what else can you do? Is there any way to find more lucrative work?


There is NO secret place in the desert (or in cyberspace) overflowing with lucrative writing gigs … or is there?

You see, true successful freelance writers do have a secret. They’ve carved out their own well in the freelance writing desert.

The BIG secret is not keeping your writing business to yourself.

You see, to me, that’s the “secret drinking well” I spoke of above. You can’t be afraid to tell people you are in business as a writer.

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