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Since I announced the launch of my new book —Success in 3D: Three Pillars to Personal and Professional Achievement —to my social media following on May 1st, with the help of Publishizer, my team has been bombarded with emails and DMs.

The most common question:

“What is ‘Success in 3D’, and how will it help me?”

The short answer is that it will help you to identify what your highest marketable skill set is (your strength zone), and what your deepest, rooted passion is (your desire zone) — and then how to bridge the gap between the two so that…

Celebrating my 100th article on Medium!

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Blogging and writing articles are an important part of my life. It is the primary way I’ve built my business and continue to communicate with my readers, students, and clients. However, it is not the only thing I do. And I would bet it’s not the only thing you do, either.

If you are like most bloggers (especially those first starting out), you are probably trying to squeeze blogging in between your day job, your family, and a thousand other important activities. Trust me, I get it! …

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You walk into a networking meeting and hand out business cards, pitch article ideas to magazine editors or potential clients via email, or apply for writing gigs online.

The first thing a potential client is going to do — after they finish reading your pitch or looking at your business card — is going to be checking out your website. Do you have one?

Welcome to the modern world of freelance writing. Long gone are the days when everything was handled through the postal service. Now it’s all through online communication (emails, Skype, Zoom, etc.) and that includes your website.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Most anyone involved in the digital landscape will answer yes to this question without thinking. And it’s true that a blog can be a very useful tool in growing your freelance writing business. However, it can also become a black hole, sucking up all of your time which is your most valuable resource.

Now, with that said, if you are going to use a blog to promote your freelance writing services, you’ll want to be sure to put together a strategic, well-thought-out plan that is easily tracked by measurements of increased monthly traffic, increased monthly conversions, and increased credibility and…

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Have you ever wondered why some freelance writers seem to have more work than they can handle, while you seem to struggle to keep busy with paying gigs every day or every week?

You may have thought:

“Can those other freelance writers’ work really be that significantly superior to my work”

“Are they just low-balling their rates to stay busy”

“Do they have some incredible industry connections they use to find projects?”

Believe it or not, there are some cases where some of these things may be entirely true. …

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Most freelance writers pour their heart and soul into their work, and they make every effort to ensure each piece is perfect and completed according to the instructions presented by the client.

Nevertheless, there are many freelance writers who will have to deal with their work being rejected at some point or another. Some clients may ask for revisions before rejecting it, and that provides you with the window to overcome any objections that the client may have.

However, there are some clients who don’t provide clear instructions, or they don’t know how to state their intentions and desires clearly…

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As a freelance writer, it’s pretty easy to feel like you are locked away from the rest of the world.

You see, friends and family leave their homes every day to go to work, and they participate in work activities in service-oriented jobs, in office environments, and so much more — while you sit at home and type away at the computer.

While you may keep the money rolling in on a regular basis with your writing talents, it’s easy to lose sight of just why your job actually matters.

The fact is freelance writers really do contribute to society…

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I know this claim may be hard to believe. In fact, the headline above may appear to be a little “clickbateish,” nevertheless, and no matter how bad (or good) your writing is right now, it is possible to improve it overnight. I’m not kidding!

With that said, you’ll also find that this article is going to be a fairly quick read from what you may be used to reading from me. …

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So you’ve been writing articles for a while now, you’ve been posting regularly to grow the author-reader relationship, and you’re sharing valuable content. Now what?

Once you have established a habit of writing consistently, it’s time to examine how to get maximum impact from the efforts you put on your site.

In other words, how to turn the readers that land on your blog into paying clients or customers. After all, the goal of blogging is to showcase your writing abilities and to be able to offer your product and services, right?

Here are seven easy ways to make sure…

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Building an audience of readers is of the utmost importance for all freelance writers and authors who wish to make a living at their craft. You must have readers to sell your work to (book and/or articles), and finding those readers who connect with your work is not always as easy as some might make it look.

The following are some tips for earning readers that I’ve learned in my twenty-plus years of writing.

1) Don’t be afraid to talk about your freelance writing and author business

Learn to become comfortable telling anyone who is willing to listen that you’re a writer and what you’re working on.

Truth be told, sometimes authorship is…

William Ballard, MBA

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