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Since I announced the launch of my new book —Success in 3D: Three Pillars to Personal and Professional Achievement —to my social media following on May 1st, with the help of Publishizer, my team has been bombarded with emails and DMs.

The most common question:

“What is ‘Success in 3D’…

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I remember the first morning I sat down in my home office and said to myself, “This is my first day as a full-time freelance writer and copywriter.”

Just after that initial jolt of inspiration, the next question that entered my mind was, “OK … now what?”

Whether you want…

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As if being a newbie freelance writer isn’t hard enough, there are always people who are ready to tell you what they really think about you and your writing business.

Here are a few of the negative thoughts you’ll hear coming from others when you make the decision to leap…

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Let me ask you a question: What does going to the next level in your writing business mean for you? Does it mean being able to hire someone or bring on a new member to your team? Does it mean being able to take on five new clients a month…

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One of the best things about being a freelance writer is that you’re in control of what you earn.

In fact, let me use this moment to illustrate a quick point. Back when I was living in Dallas, I worked as a full-time shift security supervisor overnight. …

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One of the hardest things about freelance writing is deciding what to charge for your writing services. Most newbies have a tendency to rate themselves below the industry average in the hope of scoring their first few writing gigs.

Unfortunately, the rate you give yourself as a newbie freelance writer…

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I’ll be honest with you, I get hundreds of emails from newbie writers asking how to find their “true writer’s voice.” They want to know if their writer’s voice is supposed to be the same as their speaking voice, or is it something completely different?

I always answer in the…

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All successful freelance writers know how important email list building is. If you have an online business or trying to sell anything online (such as a new book or eBook, or even your freelance writing services) building your email list should be priority number one.

The bottom line is this…

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Do you know what feels great? Earning that first big chunk of profit as a professional freelance writer. …

Celebrating my 100th article on Medium!

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Blogging and writing articles are an important part of my life. It is the primary way I’ve built my business and continue to communicate with my readers, students, and clients. However, it is not the only thing I do. …

William Ballard, MBA

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