When you’re intentional about the relationship you’re trying to nurture, and sincere and generous with the information you provide, that’s when content becomes impactful and viralable

What is it, exactly, that makes a blog post go viral? What are the components that make up an effective blog post? If you’re a content marketing specialist, I’m certain that these are just a couple of the questions you may ask yourself day-in and day out.

Where most hobby…

Got boring marketing copy that is putting your readers to sleep before they even get to your call-to-action?

Believe it or not, I actually nodded off once while reading a company’s marketing copy (and nearly hurt myself in the process).

Granted, I was tired at the time, after having written four long-length articles for four different clients. …

Professional improvements can range from very simple changes, to the more complex development of skills and knowledge.

The secret to making top dollar as a freelance writer or copywriter isn’t really a secret at all. It involves a lot of self-discipline and hard work.

Because of that, many people have sought out shortcuts. And that’s when the rate you could demand begins to drop. …

Copywriting is what you do for your clients; marketing is what you do to get clients.

I remember the first morning I sat down in my home office and said to myself, “This is my first day as a full-time freelance writer and copywriter.”

Just after that initial jolt of inspiration, the next question that entered my mind was, “OK … now what?”

Whether you want…

Reason #2 — “I Wasn’t Able to Be Successful at Freelance Writing, So You Won’t Be Either!”

As if being a newbie freelance writer isn’t hard enough, there are always people who are ready to tell you what they really think about you and your writing business.

Here are a few of the negative thoughts you’ll hear coming from others when you make the decision to leap…

Once you’ve tried this simple thirty-minute exercise you may double your writing income and never look back.

One of the best things about being a freelance writer is that you’re in control of what you earn.

In fact, let me use this moment to illustrate a quick point. Back when I was living in Dallas, I worked as a full-time shift security supervisor overnight. …

Let me make it perfectly clear … writing is a respectable profession and one that is in high demand. Don’t sell yourself short. Know your worth, and the market will follow.

One of the hardest things about freelance writing is deciding what to charge for your writing services. Most newbies have a tendency to rate themselves below the industry average in the hope of scoring their first few writing gigs.

Unfortunately, the rate you give yourself as a newbie freelance writer…

William Ballard, MBA

Freelance Writer, Author, and Content Marketing Strategist. Access “The Ultimate Book Marketing Plan for Self-Published Authors” https://bit.ly/3A2h52i

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