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How to Master the Art of Living Your Most Successful Life

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Find a writing assignment you can do in a few evenings, or one you can finish on the weekend around your regular job

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Calendar Management

Consumers go through 70% to 90% of the buyer journey by themselves before ever contacting a vendor.

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If they like worms, and you like strawberries and cream, don’t be stupid, give them worms.

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There is so much work for freelance writers … yet so little time to get it all done.

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Sometimes simple isn’t always obvious

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I was thirsty for work but couldn’t find anywhere to drink.

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The one activity that will help you rise above mediocrity

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Write Daily … And Pitch Like There is NO Tomorrow

Writing Coaches: You Have Your Writing Group Up and Running — All The Hard Work Is Over, Right? Wrong!

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1) How to Demonstrate Proper Etiquette When it Comes to Delivering Constructive Criticism

Tips from a published author

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William Ballard, MBA

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