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How to Master the Art of Living Your Most Successful Life

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Writing Coaches: You Have Your Writing Group Up and Running — All The Hard Work Is Over, Right? Wrong!

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1) How to Demonstrate Proper Etiquette When it Comes to Delivering Constructive Criticism

Tips from a published author

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5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Submit Your Manuscript

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In today’s world, writers are artists, their business owners, their marketers, their social media influencers…

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10. As Writers We Don’t Choose to Write, We Have to Write!

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“There are no limitations except the ones we create in our own minds.” — Napoleon Hill

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What You Need to Know Before You Launch Your First Book

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I’m going to write a novel this year and have it completed by the 1st of April — or not!

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Success is attracted to the commitment you have for what you love. The more committed you are, the more successful you’ll be.

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