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How to Master the Art of Living Your Most Successful Life

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“Writers Will Save The World” — William Ballard

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“Write Like a Reader and Read Like a Writer”

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Blogging is communal, and those that participate in the community win.” — Michael Hyatt

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6) Instead of thinking smarter and working harder, think harder and work smarter

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1) Don’t be afraid to talk about your freelance writing and author business

“The pitch page is your most important page” — William Ballard

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“Find clients who already understand the value of content marketing” — William Ballard

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“The largest defining characteristic of a real job is the ability to generate consistent income for the work and time invested.” — William Ballard

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“Do you really want to give up your “real” job to pursue a career as a freelance writer?

Have SEO at the back of your mind, but value at the forefront

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“Your net-worth is highly dependent upon your network” — Grant Cardone

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William Ballard, MBA

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